Rotate Markers in Google Maps

Still as of today (post’s date) you cannot rotate markers in Google Maps, you only can resize them, however if you are using SVGs (what I always recommend) you can do any transformation you want 🙂

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    • Génesis
      Génesis says:

      That’s really weird, I checked on Firefox and Chrome, desktop and phone. Could you wait 2 seconds or so? Maybe the website was loading, I’m just hiding the annoying Google message about API Key. Did you open it on JSFiddle?

    • Génesis
      Génesis says:

      japanfever, Google Maps is not sending that annoying message anymore (hope so), I think now you can see the map.

  1. japanfever
    japanfever says:

    now i can see the map and svg, with annoying message but never mind
    the other day i did not see anything at all, only blank page

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