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Flight to Japan

After fulfilling a series of conditions finally my girlfriend could open her birthday present 4 months later : )

Time waiting to buy my tickets

Imagine you are in a queue, every time you reach the first position you can buy just one ticket. Buyers have to wait through the line again if they want to buy more tickets. You are standing in line and has a number of tickets to purchase.

Given a list of buyers with the number of tickets they want to buy, determine how long it will take you to purchase your tickets if you are in the second position. Each transaction takes 1 unit of time. No time is spent moving to the back of the line.

5 tickets 5 Experiences

Two weeks ago I made 5 tickets for my girlfriend’s 25th birthday. I bought the real ones as well 😛 but they were too ugly, so I created them with a cool design and bar code hide messages then I printed them on a sort of plastic paperboard.

acupuncture_ticket_by_gengns caminito_del_rey_ticket_by_gengns italki_ticket_by_gengns thailand_ticket_by_gengns the_lion_king_ticket_by_gengns

You can download my tickets in SVG format and use them to create your own experience for those ones who you love:

  1. Acupuncture ticket
  2. Caminito del Reay ticket
  3. iTalki ticket
  4. Thailand ticket
  5. Lion King ticket