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Hello Covid

Hello Covid is an interactive story, built to support and reassure children under the age of 7, regarding the COVID-19.

This content is a resource for families and educators to allow discussions and conversations with kids regarding the current situation and how they feel about it.

It also try to tell the children who the coronavirus is and how we can deal with it to avoid anxiety and frustration.

It is important to point out that this resource does not seek to be a source of scientific information.

Here are some screenshot examples:

Codebase in GitLab repositories
Read the interactive story online
Download the app on any Android device


Markets is a mobile app for fetching the markets information based on typed city or user’s location in a city. It uses the open API data from wo is markt (Where is market) project.

Here are some screenshot examples:

This app was a 6 hours challange I overcame. I retain the rights to the source code and all the related development. However, I cannot give futher documentation because it’s confidential and belongs to this great company I was working for. Feel free to check, change and use the code : )

Codebase in Gitlab repositories.

Mapache in Cordova

One of my tributes to this fabolous framework to create cross platform apps.

Xiaomi for developers

Xiaomi is a great phone brand, outstanding performance and price with a good finished, however is a little bit tricky for developers: some options are not at first sight and you have to check extra permissions.

Similar to other Android phones first of all you have to enable Developer Options:

  1. Settings
  2. SYSTEM & DEVICE / …Aditional settings
  3. Developer options
  4. Switch On:
    1. Developer options
    2. Stay awake (recommendation)
    3. USB Debbuging

Extra for Xiaomi:

1. Switch On Install via USB: it will make you activate your Mi Account using your phone number. If you don’t do it, you will not be able to debug/install your app and will get an error as follow:

Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_USER_RESTRICTED: Install canceled by user]

2. USB debbuging (Security settings) will open 3 Important Warning dialogs with a default timer (countdown) to make you read it before press Next. At the end, if you haven’t rejected them the option will switch on. If you don’t do it, you will not be able to debug/install your app and will get an error as follow:

Failed to execute shell command "input,keyevent,82"" on device: Error: adb: Command failed with exit code 137

Note: I’m developing with Apache Cordova and Xiaomi Mi.

CordovaError: Requirements check failed for JDK 1.8 or greater

If you have a Cordova Error after updating to Ubuntu 18.04, the easiest way to resolve this issue is removing openjdk-11 and reinstalling openjdk-8.

sudo apt purge openjdk-11-jdk-headless openjdk-11-jre-headless
sudo apt install openjdk-8-jdk

There is not support for the new java versions yet in Cordova/Android (at the post date)