Fusion Dance – HTML5 and CSS3

I’ve had this Goku fusion idea between HTML & CSS in mind for a while but I couldn’t find the time to draw it till now. Many web developers grow in ego once they know some JavaScript tricks but a real front-end engineer is not really good until he/she masters HTML and CSS as well. Never underestimate HTML and CSS!

Web Browsers War Comic (Updated)

The original comic was painted by John Martz in 2009 and released under a Creative Commons license. The main critics were for IE6 and IE7 who somehow inherited its problematic genes. In this new updated version I painted how Safari became the new Internet Explorer and how we have lost browser diversity due to Chrome (Chromium) dominance.

Mooncake is not a bug, it’s a feature

Mooncake is one of my favorite characters of the of the Sci-Fi animated tv series Final Space. He is a green round floating extraterrestrial who is found by Gary, who tries to protect him from Lord Commander. He looks at first like a tiny harmless bug but soon you will realize how powerful he is and his astonishing feature!

I painted it using vectors with Inkscape after watching one of the episode on Netflix and start programming again, Mooncake reminds me to one of my beautiful bugs : ) This serie is a must-watch!

Updated: TBS/TNT granted me permission to sell my cute design!

Your artwork was up for review and TBS/TNT thought it was pretty sweet. They’re officially granting you permission to sell it on Redbubble.

Flight to Japan

After fulfilling a series of conditions finally my girlfriend could open her birthday present 4 months later : )

Butaquin Heating

Heating system for cinema seats using radio frequency modules. The seats carry a device to control their temperature remotely. The person in charge of the accommodation can select any individual seat, group or area and define temperature during a specific time schedule.

Butaquin Heating App