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Prevent SSH from disconnecting

If you are working with your server, ex: sending some file now and then with SSH, you can experience some annoying connection losses. Actually, if SSH has been idle for a while the connection will be closed.

You can prevent this easily adding a config file with just 2 lines of code to your .ssh folder in your home.

nano ~/.ssh/config
Host *
    ServerAliveInterval 30

Note: in Ubuntu TCPKeepAlive is active by default.

Simple local development environment for web apps

  1. Open your app working directory
    • There you should have at least index.html
  2. Launch http-server in your terminal
    • If you haven’t installed it yet: npm install http-server -g
  3. Launch chromium-browser --disable-web-security --user-data-dir=/tmp/something in your terminal to allow all origins (temporary ignore  CORS mechanism )
    • Make sure you don’t have other instances open: pkill -f chromium
  4. Type in the address bar one of the address from your http-server info to access to your app

Note: Use Chromium without security just with your own code for testing and development, do not browse with it and beware about using third-party software in your code.