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Would you like to start with web development?

UPDATED: 2022-05-06

If you don’t know anything about programming but you would like to start creating your own webs, desktop or mobile apps from scratch, I’m here to help you out ^^

Break the ice with a short fun history about JavaScript and the Web

  1. From undefined to something.js

Here we go, our first real code contact! You can start doing these fantastic courses from CodeAcademy (guided step by step, interactive and very basic)

  1. Introduction to HTML
  2. Introduction to CSS
  3. Introduction to JavaScript (and intermediate)

Follow with these complete courses from W3CSchools (a wider guide with many examples)

  1. HTML – The language for building webs
  2. CSS – The language for styling webs
  3. JavaScript – The language for programming webs

Don’t worry if some concept are repeated, you need to consolidate, humans learn buy doing.

Another really good option is Mozilla Developer Network (shared knowledge for the Open Web) and all courses about Web Technologies where you can find a wonderful documentation, tutorials and tools. Everything very well structured and in many different languages with the chance to dive deeper into Web Technologies.

After doing CodeAcademy, W3CSchools courses and having taken a glance to MDN I would recommend you to watch this YouTube tutorial: Understanding the Weird Parts of JavaScript. It’s also really basic but it explains some aspects under the hood of JS. This guy made a really good presentation, one of the best videos about JS I’ve ever seen. You can complete his course on Udemy.

After consolidating a good base:

  1. Functional Programming with JavaScript (mandatory)
  2. Understanding the even loop (mandatory)
  3. CSS Grid
  4. Svelte
  5. Some of my tricks

Things are as easy as you want them, the knowledge should be open and free for everyone. There are many genius out there and most of them cannot afford their studies, even if they are public. Do not keep your knowledge for you, spread it out together with your ideas to build a better world 🙂