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Flight to Japan

After fulfilling a series of conditions finally my girlfriend could open her birthday present 4 months later : )

5 tickets 5 Experiences

Two weeks ago I made 5 tickets for my girlfriend’s 25th birthday. I bought the real ones as well 😛 but they were too ugly, so I created them with a cool design and bar code hide messages then I printed them on a sort of plastic paperboard.

acupuncture_ticket_by_gengns caminito_del_rey_ticket_by_gengns italki_ticket_by_gengns thailand_ticket_by_gengns the_lion_king_ticket_by_gengns

You can download my tickets in SVG format and use them to create your own experience for those ones who you love:

  1. Acupuncture ticket
  2. Caminito del Reay ticket
  3. iTalki ticket
  4. Thailand ticket
  5. Lion King ticket