HTML and CSS only Interactive Carousel

Snapping, clickable and responsive images in a Carousel effect without JavaScript. Open on JSFiddle to experience full interaction.

Resize HTML5 Canvas without losing drawing

There are multiple ways to resize a canvas without losing its content. One of the easiest way is to save its data.

Fit SVG into its parent

Open example in a new page and resize the result window to check how the SVG is fitted to his parent.

If what you want is to scale SVG backgrounds, you can check it easily on MDN web docs.

Checking the versions of your packages in your Node app

There is a package for everything in life ^^ Install npm-check-updates or use it directly with npx.

npx ncu

How to compress a folder with a password using the terminal?

If you can’t (or don’t want to) right click over the folder itself you can do as follows.

zip -er folder
  • e = encryption (use password)
  • r = recursive (everything inside that folder)